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Tuesday Tea Day: OMG More Tea

My tea of the month from Harney and Sons got here over the weekend, on top of all the other tea that has recently arrived. Fortunately since our weather has started cooling down pretty significantly, we have been hammering the hot beverages pretty hard, so it is actually welcome at this point.

This month’s selections are autumnal: Pumpkin Spice and African Autumn. Both are herbals, based on rooibos, which they are also referring to as “herbal red bush”.

Pumpkin Spice contains, as advertised, “pumpkin and spices”. It actually says that on the tin – thanks for that, H&S! The spices are cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. It is a nice mellow tea, very relaxing and mildly spicy. African Autumn is a bit sharper, as it features cranberry and orange. It also contains hibiscus, upping the sharp/sour flavor. It makes me think of Thanksgiving, probably because it reminds me of our family cranberry sauce. Which is made of a bag of cranberries and a whole orange ground up together with a little sugar and some spices mixed in. So on the whole not a super-relaxing tea. More good for an afternoon pickup when you don’t want any more caffeine.

So that’s the tea round up for the moment – things should calm down a bit until this time next month. How about you? Try any good teas lately?

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