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So Damn Hot

Anchorage has been having quite a week or two. We have hit records with our heat – 90 F the other day in Anchorage – and all the rest of the days for the last week and a bit have been pretty hot as well, although not as bad. This is pretty unprecedented for us. The heat is supposed to continue on into the middle of next week, when it should moderate back down to normal summer for us – in the mid 70s.

“Boo hoo!” I hear you saying from pretty much everywhere south of here. But seriously, this is the kind of weather that caused DH and I to move here from Pennsylvania. Also, Anchorage does not really have the capacity to deal with this. Some of the malls and libraries and office buildings and so on have air conditioning, but most homes do not. Most people may have a box fan or similar. You know, for when it rockets up into the 70’s, like it does for a little bit most summers. So we don’t really have much recourse but to lay around and drink ice water and sweat.

And then there’s the smoke. There are several wildfires burning close enough to Anchorage that we have had several days in a row of no visibility at all. It smells like we are standing in a campfire, and we can’t see further than a couple yards away. Some days it is thinner, some days it is thicker, but it is not going away.

It’s been pretty dry for a couple weeks now, which isn’t helping. Hopefully next week it will cool off and rain a bit!

So when I wasn’t busy crabbing about the heat today, I managed to get a bit more done on my crescent shawl – so close to done!

How is your weather? Feel free to crab along with me in the comments! Unless your weather is glorious right now – then feel free to share so we can live vicariously through you πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “So Damn Hot

  1. We had 4 days of summer here in the Highlands the week before last and I moaned a lot at being too hot, prickly heat coming up on my hands and feet. Since then it’s been grey, overcast, rainy and cold, our heating is set to 18C and I think it came on every day at some point as it’s been cold out. Yesterday it was the same temperature we had on the day after Christmas Day! The world’s gone mad!

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  2. Whatever you have, it’s worse here. Yikes! It’s like the middle of a rainforest! Hopefully it will settle down a little for all of us. We don’t usually get weather this hot until the end of July.

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  3. When we were in Europe, each time we went it was record-breaking heat! No one in Vienna, or Prague or Scotland or Austria had ever experienced such heat. It was also in the 90s and you should have seen the poor tour guide in Scotland with his 9 yards of woolen kilt, sweater, knit socks and tam. He was beet-red! They had fans blowing over ice buckets and ice was at a premium price! The Europeans don’t put ice in their sodas or water or their lemonades, so it came as a shock when we all asked for ice water and they’d put 1 cube in.

    Here in Nebraska, 90 is expected, 100 is expected and sometimes 105-110 doesn’t surprise us. We live near the Missouri River so we also have 90+% humidity. It actually gets TOO HOT TO KNIT! (Perish the thought!) This usually precedes thunderstorms of immense proportions. Some of these produce tornadoes! We also get the -20s in the winter but not lately. It only dipped down to -11 this year.

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