So Close

…and yet so far!

I’m on the last mini-skein, and have maybe two more repetitions of the feather and fan wave section to go. Then casting off and blocking, and I am DONE with this pattern!

Except for writing it out and getting pictures and publishing it. But other than that, I am done.

I am really looking forward to getting starting with the intarsia-in-the-round socks and also Casapinka’s Perfect Blend KAL. Hopefully those things can happen in a day or two. I will need to do a little mathing for the socks, though that is the thing I want to get to first. I did a small gauge swatch and got close to gauge but not 100% there. The socks are toe-up, so I can just try them on as I go, so the gauge isn’t that big a deal. It will only matter when I get to the intarsia-in-the-round part, and that is only going to be to make sure the spacing is as it should be.

How are your projects going? Stay cool and knit on 🙂

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