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Forest Weave and v3 of my crescent shawl design are moving along reasonably well. There’s nothing much new to say about them, and honestly I’m at the stage where I’m tired of thinking about them. So today I spent some time getting ready for my next two projects!

This month’s Boost Your Knitting project went live on Monday. This month’s technique is intarsia in the round! The project is a pair of socks, each of which has a heart done in intarsia on one side of the calf. It isn’t stranded – you knit back and forth, but in the round (sort of). I’m excited to get going on it! I did decide to change up the pattern a little bit, so did a little charting on that today. As in earlier months, I was able to pull yarn out of my stash for this project, which I’m happy about. Got it wound, and I’m ready to go!

The other project I will be starting is Casapinka’s Perfect Blend shawl MKAL. She gave us a schematic to play with colors, and the shape – boomerang. That’s it until next Monday! Quite a few dyers were producing lovely sets for this MKAL, but they were all pretty pricey for what amounts to an accessory. Instead I pulled more yarn out of stash. Last year my DH had given me a subscription to Space Cadet‘s gradient mini-skein set of the month. So I have all these lovely gradient minis and have hardly used any of them yet. They are so pretty I sort of fell into the “they’re too pretty to use” trap, which I really need to shake off. So I got a bunch of them wound up too.

I’m going to start with the pink and work my way out to the darkish blue on the other end. I’m hoping it will work out ๐Ÿ™‚

How are your projects going? What’s next on your list?

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