More Beads

Section 2 of the beaded version of my new shawl design (NSD) is done, and moving into section 3!

The pattern and beading should stand out a bit more after blocking ๐Ÿ™‚

The yarn and beads for section 3…

Trying to recreate the look of a sandy beach ๐Ÿ™‚

Hoping to get through section 3 by Friday, then I plan to get back at Forest Weave for some good weekend knitting!

10 thoughts on “More Beads

  1. Now I am itching to get back to beading a shawl. I actually have a project all picked out with some deep green yarn and beads, but now I can’t remember what pattern I wanted to use. LOL!

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  2. Beautiful! Whatโ€™s your favorite method of beading as you go? I like my BeadAid, a little wire tool. When I use a crochet hook, I split the yarn about 30% of the time. No splitting with my BeadAid!

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    1. I have been using a tiny crochet hook, but am not enjoying it. It does split the yarn a lot, and is just generally fiddly. Thanks for the recommendation – I will definitely look for a BeadAid!


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