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An Updated Guide to AK Yarn Shops for Visitors

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post listing all the yarn shops I knew of in Alaska. We get a lot of visitors, many of whom may be crafters who would like to know where to pick up some yarn while in Alaska.

In the time since I wrote that original post, a few of the shops have closed up, unfortunately, and I have visited a few that I had not been to before. So this is an update of that original post for anyone coming up my way!

Tourist season is upon us here in Alaska!  This is the season when cruise ships begin appearing in our ports, and visitors come and go via plane, train and automobile.  Although winter is pretty too, summer is pretty darn glorious here in the last frontier.  So what better time to come and see all there is to see?

Many of those visitors will be crafters, and for them I present this list of all the yarn shops I know (or at least know of) in Alaska – along with any knitting-related events or locations they may want to check out.  Where there is one, I have linked to the shops’ websites or Facebook pages.  Also, I have written more extensively elsewhere about a lot of these places. Where that is the case I have linked to my earlier post.  Enjoy!


The Hive on the Creek – seems to be closed. However, there is a new yarn shop in Ketchikan – Fabulous Fiber Arts. I have not been to this shop, but it has a pretty active website and looks like it has a lot going on!


Seaside Yarns, of earlier post fame, is now closed. Changing Tides, a quilt shop next door to where Seaside Yarns used to be, now carries Northern Bee yarns, dyed by the former owner of Seaside Yarns. Also I understand occasionally the dyer comes up to visit and do trunk shows 🙂


Knitting With Class is located in Sitka, AK.  I have not been to this one either, but they have an active Facebook page, and look like they have a good selection.


A Flyin’ Skein, of earlier post fame, in Seward Alaska, recently closed down. I do not believe there is a yarn shop in Seward at this point.


The Rookery is a fabulous downtown shop with a great selection of yarn and other crafting supplies.  I have been there a couple of times, and each time spent pleasant hours after work poking around their yarn and books.  Nice folks with nice yarn!


Top of the Whorl is a lovely little shop with a surprisingly big inventory for the space.  They have a great selection of yarns, tools and books.  I understand they do carry some local yarns as well!  They are a bit off the main road, but do have pretty good parking when you get there.


Knitty Stash, home of the Alaskan Yarn Company line of yarn, is closed.  The former owner is still dyeing yarn, which is widely available throughout Alaska. Check the website at the link for any festival or pop-ups she might be going to!


INUA Wool Shop, of earlier post fame, is closed. The one yarn shop there now (according to a web search) is A Weaver’s Yarn. I have not been to this shop, though it looks interesting!

Eagle River 

The yarn shop in Eagle River is The Tangled Skein.  I have heard good things about this shop, though I have not yet been there.  Why not I don’t know, as Eagle River is pretty darn close to Anchorage.  Maybe one day soon there will be post about them!


Here is the motherlode of yarn shops in Alaska!  Downtown in the heart of the tourist area is Woolly Mammoth, of earlier post fame, which has a great array of Alaska-dyed and sourced yarn. They also have regular yarn that you could get elsewhere, but why would you?  You will have to work hard to leave this shop without a souvenir skein or two!

In the midtown area of Anchorage are Quilt Tree/Yarn Branch, which as the name implies, has both fabric and yarn.  and Far North Yarn.  Both are pretty big stores, very well stocked with broad ranges of yarn, books, and tools.  They are a little off the beaten path for tourist visits, but both are very easily reached.


 Cordova has The Net Loft.  I have not been to this shop yet, but have been constantly scheming and planning to get there.  They have a big knitting/crafting event each summer, and seem to be a pretty active shop the rest of the year as well.  Just judging by their website, you should have lots of options for souvenir skeins here as well! You can also mail order from their web shop, though I’m sure being there is even better 🙂

Other than yarn shops, knitters (and other yarn enthusiasts) may want to visit the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, a non-profit farm where musk ox are raised.  Musk ox are of interest to knitters because they are the source of quiviet  This is a highly prized fiber used to make extremely pricey yarn.  For the curious, the website linked above will tell you all you care to know!  The University of Alaska Fairbanks campus also raises musk ox and sells quiviet. Spring is a great time to visit the farm, as that is baby musk ox season.  And baby musk ox are extremely cute! 

Finally, for visitors who will be here in late July, the MatSu Valley Fiber guild will be having a Fiber Fest at the Alaska State Fairgrounds. This is a pretty good fiber festival, though it is pretty new so is not huge.

I should point out that in addition to the shops listed here, there are Michael’s and Jo Anne’s craft stores at various points in the state as well.  Also, for those visiting rural AK, the AC stores may sometimes have small craft sections.

Did I miss one?  Do you have a favorite?  Feel free to comment!

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