There’s not much new with the Colorshift Cowl – it looks the same but more of it right now. If I’m able to put some time in on it tomorrow, it should be done. But we’ll see. It’s at the long hard slog phase, so hopefully I can get it done!

So I did spend a little time getting ready for the next Boost Your Knitting project, cabled mittens that start with tubular cast on – Totally Tubular Mittens. Very fortunately, I had just the yarn in my stash from quite a while ago.

What’s next in your queue?

6 thoughts on “Next!

  1. Ugh, I haven’t even looked at the new Boost Your Knitting assignment! I’m eyeballs deep in Hitofude right now, and I’m so monogamous I’m not even thinking about other projects. I did type up my Ohio Star Cowl though.

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