One Last Version

In breaks in between wrangling with the pattern writing, I decided to knit up one last version of my cowl. This time in the original yarn I meant to use for it! It’s turning out OK 🙂

The variegation in the yarn and it being silk gives it a very different look from the other one, but I think the pattern still shows through. I have quite a bit of yarn left, so I may do another repeat of the very last pattern section just to see what it would look like with a minor change to the pattern. This is a much drapier, slouchier fabric, which should look nice with a bit more volume.

This is a little weird for me – I don’t usually reknit patterns. Once is mostly enough! How about you – is there anything you have made more than once?

9 thoughts on “One Last Version

  1. I think this one is my favorite:)
    I have knit two Miss Winkle and over a hundred pair of plain stockinette socks. I have a friend who will find a pattern she likes and knit 4 or 5 before moving on to the next pattern.

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    1. I wasn’t familiar with Miss Winkle – just looked it up, and I see why you like it! Cool pattern, and a great way to showcase lovely yarn 🙂 Plain stockinette sock are great too – no complications, just socks!

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  2. I have a couple of sock patterns I knit over and over. I’ve made two Little Coffee Bean sweater, but those go fast. I often think about knitting something twice and then brush that idea aside because I think I would get bored.

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    1. I’m finding I’m that way with socks too. Every once in a while I try something fancy with the socks and it doesn’t go well. Just plain old regular socks seem to work out the best 🙂
      The Little Coffee Bean sweaters are cute! I can see why you like it!


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