It Worked!

The roll is stopped! I had a couple of potential solutions in mind when I ripped back. I had a bit of yarn left, and did a few practice swatches. Which is a good thing, because the stitch pattern I thought would be the best one did not look good at all. Yay for swatching! Then I messed around with a couple different bind offs that i thought might look cool, but none of them was quite what I was looking for.

What I wound up doing was a couple repeats of the same pattern as on the bottom to give the top edge some structure, and then just a plain old traditional bind off. Whew!

Now to finish nerd-wrestling with the pattern! Meanwhile, here is a close up.

Side issue – what should I call this thing? I have been thinking of it as Dissipation or Dilution, but those aren’t quite right. Any ideas?

16 thoughts on “It Worked!

  1. Thank you for this! The rolling drives me crazy, and I’m interested in hearing about preventions or solutions. It’s a beautiful cowl. The design reminds me of water flowing downhill, sort of like heavy rain on a window. Maybe something like “Rainflow”:

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