Boost Your Knitting Project 1

The first Boost Your Knitting project launched last Friday, and I finally got a chance to start it! It is Bramen, a tuck stitch cowl from Nancy Marchant. I have done tuck stitches before, so this one is not particularly a challenge. On the other hand, I haven’t done this particular stitch pattern before. Also, the project uses a cast off I’ve never seen before – so there’s something totally new!

The project write up and the video tutorials are pretty great. AC Knitwear, who is organizing this shindig, posts video lessons on the techniques you are using for the project. I watched the one on 2 color long-tail cast on, because I am not a long-tail cast on enthusiast. I’ve used it maybe a handful of times. Anyway, I watched the video and was able to easily follow along and get my stitches cast on. The illustrations for doing the various stitch patterns are very clear and helpful. So far this is very informative and interesting – love it!

I only got a little bit of a start on it, but I suspect it will go quickly. Here it is so far…

How are your projects going?

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