Yet Again – Totally Focused

Aaaand – SQUIRREL!

Yet again, my plan and my focus are being thrown out the window because of a shiny thing that came into my field of view. What is it this time?

This time it is Boost Your Knitting: Another Year of Techniques by Arnall-Culliford Knitwear. As the name implies, it is a year’s worth of technique lessons on various aspects of knitting. Also as the name implies, they have done this kind of thing before. Last year most of the techniques they were doing were things I already feel pretty comfortable with, so I passed.

This year though, most of the techniques were things I’m not great at or haven’t tried yet, so I’m in! The techniques that I haven’t tried yet include things like marlisle and intarsia in the round. Also, there are what look like next steps in things I have done, like brioche and double knitting to include increases and decreases.

Each month you get a pattern/lesson from a different designer, and if I’m understanding correctly, Arnall-Culliford posts video tutorials on the projects. About halfway through the year they will send out printed books to subscribers, even though the rest of the year of projects won’t be surprises. But that’s OK – more than 6 months of surprises may be more than my heart can stand 😉

The first pattern comes out this Friday. They let us know the yarn and needle size we would need so we could get ready.

Ready to rumble!

I’m already pretty psyched!

18 thoughts on “Yet Again – Totally Focused

    1. Someday! One of the things I love most about knitting (and there are a lot) is how much there is to it. Always new things to learn, new techniques, old techniques being rediscovered, new fibers to try out… The only way it is boring is if you let it be boring!


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