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Valentine Tea Box

My February Harney & Sons tea club shipment arrived the other day. As you can see, they went the romance route with Valentine themed teas 🙂

The extra little samples this month were a Verbena Mint herbal, Japanese Sencha, and Rooibos Chai. The herbal one was very good – the verbena tones the mint down quite a bit. I like mint, but sometimes its a bit much. Their Sencha is also a good tea. The Rooibos Chai is probably going to the office tea bin. I’m not a rooiboos fan in general.

The two main teas this month were Chocolate tea, which is a black tea with chocolate flavoring, and Valentine’s Blend, which is black tea with chocolate and vanilla flavoring and rose petals. I have had Valentine’s Blend before – it is a medium body black tea with a slightly sweet floral flavor. You really get the rose flavor, which I like. I have not had the Chocolate tea before, and was actually thinking about ordering it if it didn’t turn up soon in a club shipment. It is a very full bodied black tea with a nice chocolate flavor. It also smells to me like it may have a little vanilla in it as well. And the ingredients just says “Black teas, natural flavors”, so maybe so.

Both are very tasty teas, and nice selections for February 🙂 Have you had a good cuppa lately?

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