4 x 4 exercises

Finally finished my limitations exercise and got it blocked!

The next exercise – this week’s, in fact – is taking one of the previous exercises and doing a little more with it. I plan to use this one for that, because there are a few of these patterns that I am wondering how they will look with just a little more room. Some of the patterns are fine as they are – #4 from the bottom, for example. I think that one looks fine as is. #5 is actually an expansion of #1, so that one is already covered. But I’m curious about #2 and #3. And who know – maybe I will fool around with some of the others anyway!

The yarn is Zealana Heron, which I actually won in a giveaway from them a couple of years ago. I used most of it to make a hat, so this is my last little bit left. These exercises are great for using up scraps! Oh, and also learning things 🙂

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