A Little of This

In between all the Knitting Season exercises and all the other stuff going on, I have been getting in a little work on my Find Your Fade. This evening I finally got to another color!

Moving from French Toast to Gin and Tonic!

I will be alternating the French Toast (lavender) and Gin and Tonic (blue) for a few rows, than on to just the GnT for a while. I am just enjoying working with this yarn so much! It is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, and is great to work with, in addition to being just really pretty. This is a really big shawl, and I’m at the point where every row is sooooo looooooonggg. But there is a little progress!

Other than that, I started on a swatch for this month’s Custom Fit pattern.

The yarn is Gloss DK from KnitPicks. It is a wool/silk blend, and is knitting up pretty nice, I must say! This is not a color I would probably wear, though it is pretty. KP just occasionally puts certain colors for sale, so I snagged this one when it was on discount just for swatching purposes. So far it’s feeling like it would make a nice, medium weight sweater. But I will need to finish it and block it to be sure how it will turn out.

How are your projects going?

13 thoughts on “A Little of This

  1. Progress is being made on all of mine, but this is the point where I feel like nothing is getting done because no FOs are happening! Except for pillowcases which were quick. I guess I should say nothing for my home is getting FO’d! I love that Fade! And even like the swatch color. I have a shawl that is a taupe color and I wear it with all kinds of colors.


  2. You are the second person to post that earthy pink. Is it kind of a dusty rose or mauve? I like it.

    Nice work on the shawl! I know what you mean about those long shawl rows. I’m getting there on Celtic Myths.

    Things are finally clicking for me on my projects.

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    1. The name of the color is Velveteen. It is a sort of dusty pinky/lavender. In some lights it looks rose, in other others it looks mauve.

      Thank you! Yes, your Celtic Myths is definitely growing and looking great πŸ™‚

      Always love seeing your projects – you do beautiful work!

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