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Paved with Good Intentions

Well, I started off this year all full of good intentions and big plans, which have somewhat predictably come crashing down around me. So here’s everything I began 2019 trying to do:

  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight via calorie counting
  • Journal my daily activities
  • Journal my knitting activities
  • Knit like the wind and make myself an entire new wardrobe
  • Slow down with the production knitting and take the time to be creative
  • KonMarie my life
  • Become a better person
  • Solve world hunger

There. That seems totally reasonable.

Ok – the last two points of that were added in for humor value, but most of it is accurate. And because it is too much, I am failing at pretty much everything right now. So now I begin the next predictable phase -figuring out what out of all this I can reasonably do, and what is maybe going to have to wait for another time.

So I need to start with the non-negotiable things in my life – I have a full time job, I live in a house where I need to take at least some actions to keep it kind of livable, and I have a husband who occasionally likes to do things together other than being in the same room while I knit. So there’s all of that. Let’s call that 12 hours out of every day on average.

Exercise and calorie counting also pretty much have to happen, but I know me, and I’m not going to spend one minute doing those things beyond what is absolutely necessary. So let’s say half an hour our of my day. Sleep has to happen also. I should sleep 8 hours a day, but that’s unlikely to ever happen. So let’s say 7 hours, optimistically.

And then an hour a day for Ravelry, reading blogs and writing my own blog.

So that leaves me 3.5 hours on weekdays and maybe 5 hours on weekend days. What can I realistically do with that time? That is my big question.

6 thoughts on “Paved with Good Intentions

  1. I thought these two were pretty amusing as well, together: • Knit like the wind and make myself an entire new wardrobe
    • Slow down with the production knitting and take the time to be creative
    But I totally get it. I’ve had to slow down as well. And I kind of regret knitting those swatches on Sunday. It feels like a waste of time! I should have just cast on a new sweater! 😂

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    1. Yes! That’s the primary conflict, though I am struggling some with journaling as well. I’m enjoying the creativity exercises, but at the same time, there really are other things I feel like I should be getting done.

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