Dolores’ Gansey

I wrote last month that I started my study of ganseys by working through a sample, based on the steps in Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book, and also that I was altering it a bit to fit Dolores. Well, I finally got a little time this week to make a bit more progress. I’m almost done with the body! That’s one of the great things about knitting things for a doll – they move along relatively quickly 🙂

I have maybe 6 more rows of body, then it’s time to do the sleeves and collar, then I’m done, and Dolores is seaworthy. So the next issue – does it fit?

Yes it does!

In fact, it’s almost a little gansey mini-dress, or will be once 5 or 6 more rows are done. And I am OK with that.

A bit more detail on the patterning.

Then I will have to do a bit of calculation for the sleeves, but that should be pretty straightforward. Seeing it on her has led me to change my plan a bit. I was going to do saddle shoulders, but she doesn’t really have much shoulder. I will do three needle bind-off, then just pick up and knit the sleeve stitches. Then probably not much of a neck treatment – I don’t want it to be too tight to pull over her head. Anyway – progress!

10 thoughts on “Dolores’ Gansey

    1. Thank you! There are times when I think about Dolores and her accessories in the abstract, and I feel a little silly for making a sheep doll and then further making clothing for her. But then I look at her and she just makes me smile!

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