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OT: Unexpected Teatour

You know how sometimes it becomes generally known that you like something, and then that is the thing that people give you? Like people that are vocal about loving chocolate get chocolate for presents? Well, apparently I am the crazy tea lady at work. Which I am totally fine with, because it results in people giving me tea.

Sometimes people just give me a packet or two of a new tea they tried and thought I might like. Sometimes people will give me whole boxes or tins of tea that they tried and didn’t like for whatever reason.

Yesterday, a kind coworker just gave me a sampler of Tea Forte tea, which is a brand I had never heard of before. She works part time at a fancy kitchen good store, and apparently they had this tea for sale, but it’s kind of pricey and didn’t sell particularly well and now it is remaindered. So she brought me some. This is apparently a limited edition of theirs, and claims to be – and I am quoting directly from the box here – “A fabulous collection of fashionable teas.”

Well, it is pretty darn fabulous, though I can’t speak to its fashionableness.

The sampler includes 4 sachets each of 5 different flavors – a black tea, a green, a white, and 2 herbal teas. I have had a cup of each of them, and can honestly say they are all pretty darn tasty! There are some slightly unusual flavors – the tangerine rosemary tea is a good example of this. But they are all really good tea.

And the packaging is also really nifty. The cardboard pyramids open up to reveal tea bags pretty much that exact size and shape. And see the little leaves off to the sides – that is the string and tag for each bag! Tea Forte sells teacups with holes in the lids for the little leaf strings to poke up out of! They make me smile every time I see them.

So overall, this is apparently a pricey tea, but I have enjoyed all the teas I have tried of this set. I haven’t checked out their website yet, so possibly they have more reasonably priced options. But as it is, I am enjoying what I have!

Had any good teas lately?

8 thoughts on “OT: Unexpected Teatour

  1. Being the tea lady is better than being the cat lady. For a long time every gift was a cat something. Socks, salt and pepper shakers, tee-shirts, measuring spoons. Seriously, I like real living cats, not all the chotchkes. Somehow it finally stopped. Now I try to make sure no one assigns anything to me although I’d be ok with chocolate although I’m so fussy I don’t like all chocolate. During this cold weather I am drinking what I call foo-foo tea. I don’t like real tea but I do like the herbal tea that doesn’t taste like tea. Don’t tell anyone!

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    1. LOL! I know what you mean about the cats. I’ve known too many people that happened to, so I have been careful not to bring up the cats too much. Or pretty much anything else 🙂 Hey, herbal tea can be delicious as well!

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  2. That does sound interesting. I bought a box of Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice tea and I really like it. It has a little bite to it at the end. I’d buy it again. The peppermint I got (I can’t remember which brand) tasted a little too toothpaste-like for me:(

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    1. Gingerbread spice is delicious! Peppermint can be pretty much all by itself. But there are so many teas out there, you can explore for quite a while to find the ones you like! Celestial seasonings is a good brand for interesting flavors 🙂

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