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Crazy Busy Day

Well for a Saturday, this was a crazy busy one. As I may have mentioned, we are doing a big purge of our house and then organizing what is left. This is nowhere near as quick as the Marie Kondo show out now makes it look 🙂

I did actually know that, because we do this maybe once a decade or so. But in the time it takes to clutter the house back up, we forget how long it takes and how hard it is to pare everything back down.

Anyway, the net result of all this decluttering means weekend days spent driving around Anchorage throwing and giving stuff away. Today we did start on step 2, which was to go to Lowe’s and get a couple of storage cabinets, which we hope will make our garage look less cluttered. And also keep the stuff in the garage a bit better organized than it currently is

Tomorrow, though, is an in day and a do-nothing day. DH has developed a nasty cold, and I just generally need some down time. My plan is to spend the day goofing off, which will involve a lot of knitting time. So hopefully I will have some knitting progress to show for it!

6 thoughts on “Crazy Busy Day

  1. We did a major purge 2 or 3 years ago. There were over thirty boxes of books plus tons of clothes and furniture. I’m really good about no buying unless it gives me joy 🙂 but stuff seems to multiple as we sleep. There are also a few things that one or the other of us couldn’t part with. For me it was a few work blazers but for my husband it was records, tapes, cds — all AV stuff. He had visions of transferring them to CDs but now you can download whatever you want for not much money. It’s not worth the effort. We have to revisit this. I have been trying sell/give away a piano for a few years now. Not many people play instruments anymore.

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    1. It’s a job, that’s for sure! But even with a ways to go we are feeling better about our house. I think if we manage to keep up with it, we won’t have so much difficulty later on. I imagine you need to revisit some things. There’s stuff I’m not ready to let go of quite yet, but can see that there may be a time when I am ready. Lord – good luck! Pianos are hard to get rid of.

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