Knitting Season Progress

A little more sense is arising from the yarny chaos of earlier this week. One thing is moving along more or less as I had hoped, one is going back to the drawing board, and one is just interesting.

The leaf motif is going back to the drawing board. I went to swatch it, and as I was counting to cast on, realized it is over 100 stitches wide. 100! That might work for a central motif for an afghan or something, but not for my intended purpose. So I need to simplify and reel it back in some. I think I know what I will do, but need to sit down and draw for a while.

The distelfink motif is going pretty much the way I had hoped! The colors are not quite what they would be if I was doing this for real, but I was pretty determined to use scraps for the swatching, so this is what was in the scrap bin. So far I like how it is working up!

Finally, the repetition exercise from this last weekend is interesting so far.

For this one, except for the black and white bits, I just picked colors at random and played around with them. It is kind of interesting how switching the background and foreground colors change the look and where your attention is drawn. Along with this stitch pattern, the exercise gave us a sort of wavy pattern to try. It was either or, but I think I will go ahead and do both, because they don’t take a lot of time, and are interesting. I plan to try to use similar value colors together in that one, or maybe mess with a sort of gradient or something along those lines. Anyway, so this one is less demanding than the motifs, but equally interesting!

4 thoughts on “Knitting Season Progress

    1. Thank you! I don’t know that I am going to be doing all the exercises as they come out – I can see it being a bit much over three months. But we will have the book in March, so we can do the exercises any time we like!

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