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Cats Just See Napping Spots

I have spent so much time rummaging around in my scraps bin lately that I moved it out of the crafty storage area and put it in our room in an out-of-the-way area so I can get at it more easily. Then the cats started laying on it, naturally, because what else would you do with a big plastic box? So I put a pillow my DH has decommissioned from his use on it, and now it is apparently the best napping spot in the whole house!

Edgar approves of this new development
Lazlo wonders why there aren’t two bins? He is forced to make do with the bed. It is tragic, as you can see!

So we’re taking turns now. Not always peacefully, but most of the time. Soon it’ll be time for the scraps bin to go back, and I predict that will be a sad, sad day in our house πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Cats Just See Napping Spots

  1. OMG!! This is too funny. Reminds me of the fight over the round dog bed in our bedroom. Only, we have TWO round dog beds. But the one in the corner is not the preferred one, the one right next to it is the preferred one? They. Are. The. Same. Thing!!!

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