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OT: Two for Tea

Last year my DH got me two yarn-of-the-month club subscriptions, which I had requested. Partly because I wanted see if knowing that I would have moderate amounts of yarn coming in would stop me from buying other yarn. As it turned out, the answer to that question was “no”.

So this year, he got me a tea-of-the-month club from Harney and Sons! I drink quite a bit of tea, and like their selection quite a bit, so I was thrilled. He likes to give me a monthly subscription gift, because every year I give him a salami-of-the-month club from Olympia Provisions. It doesn’t necessarily follow that I need a monthly thing, but he likes to do it. Anyway, the first package was here in time for Christmas morning with two tins of their sachets in special holiday flavors.

White Christmas is white tea with almonds, vanilla and some chamomile flowers. It smells like almond cookies, and tastes very much the same. It makes a great afternoon pick-me-up. It is a light tea, and very tasty!

The Holiday tea is black tea with what would be considered traditional holiday flavors – orange peel, cloves, cinnamon. Kind of like what you would use as mulling spices for cider or wine. It is a very rich, dark tea with great spicy flavor.

I’m only one month in, but already I am loving this tea subscription!

17 thoughts on “OT: Two for Tea

  1. How wonderful!! I need to keep that in mind for my daughter, she loves her tea. As to the not buying yarn, each year I think. my stash record keeping will keep me from buying more. Not working! LOL

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  2. How fun! Does the subscription last all year? I am wondering if I had something like that to look forward to every month if I would spend less on other stuff. But since that didn’t work out for you with the yarn club, maybe not. LOL!

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