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Goal Setting: The Struggle is Real

In thinking about what I want to do with my knitting this coming year, I have two separate and semi-conflicting general goals: to slow down and take a deep look at one or two areas of knitting, and also to knit like the wind so my various wardrobe wants are satisfied.

For the focus part, I am thinking about either ganseys or Bohus, which are more sweater genres than anything else. But either merits some study and a couple of projects to work through the associated techniques. Also they are cool looking sweaters. Karen at Nothingbutknit is planning on having themes rather than a goal, and this would kind of be like that.

As far as the production part, my wardrobe is seriously short of tops, a few cardigans and a skirt or two. Also, I could stand a couple more pairs of socks. And the outfit kits are piling up for Dolores as well 🙂 All of that won’t happen in a year, but an early start wouldn’t hurt!

So right now it looks like a mix of these two things. That will mean that I need to pick one of the topics to focus on and leave the other for another year, and then just have second projects going to get some clothing on my back. And feet. That also leaves me some leeway for the inevitable distractions that I know will beset me at various points in the year.

Whew! Glad I got that decided. Now, which one to focus on – ganseys or Bohus?

9 thoughts on “Goal Setting: The Struggle is Real

  1. What a difficult choice? I think I’d look at it this way: work with one color or more than one:) If it was me I’d work on Bohus while the days are dark and gray but come summer maybe spend time on Gansey. Whatever you decide will be fun I’m sure:)

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  2. Ganseys and Bohus sweaters are both gorgeous. I guess the question is, texture or colorwork?

    My hubs bought the book Poems of Color for me a couple if years ago, but I haven’t knit anything from it yet.

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  3. I’m signed up for a Bohus knitting class at Madrona. I don’t know that I really want to knit a Bohus project, but I think knitting history is fascinating. I’ve already taken a gansey class, but I don’t knit a lot of sweaters!

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