2018 Wrap-Up

2018 was a year with a lot of firsts and also a few ends. I went to my first Vogue Knitting Live and had a great time. I tried a lot of new techniques and fibers and generally got fairly adventurous. As far as ends, two dyers that I loved and bought from often – Gnarledpaw and Gnome Acres – closed up shop this year. My wallet was glad for the slight letup in yarn buying, but I am sad to see these great dyers and lovely people closing their businesses.

Then there are the goals. Did I complete my 2018 knitting goals? Depends on how you look at it. In the Ravelry Project Challenge, because they don’t let you get too detailed, I said I would knit 16 items and I actually did 22. Success! Yay!

By my more detailed goals as set out here, mostly yes, partially no. Here are my 2018 goals and how I did with them. Then a quick look at unanticipated projects and some of my fails for the year!

  1. At least 1 of my 2 big colorwork kits. Yes. Glenesk is one of the kits I had in my possession at the time I wrote that, and it is definitely done!
  2. At least 1 other cardigan. Yes. My imaginatively named Gray Cardigan is also done.
  3. 6 pairs of socks. No. I did 2 pairs of socks. I did also do 3 pairs of felted slippers, which are kind of socks if you squint. But in either case, I did not achieve this goal. 😦
  4. 6 other small items. Yes – met and exceeded! I did 5 cowls, 2 hats, a kerchief, and a pair of mitts.
  1. Stretch goal 1 – Gansey or 2 tanks/shells. No.
  2. Stretch goal 2 – learn brioche and 1 or 2 other techniques. Yes! Met and exceeded. I don’t know that I can say I have totally mastered brioche, but I used it in an item I completed. I also learned tuck stitches, double knitting, thrumming, felting, and Latvian braid.

I had some things go not that well. My attempts to casually throw together a cowl with a bunch of mixed chunky homespun did not work, for example. The Call of the Siren continues to confound me and is in time out for right now. On the plus side, though, I did also do 2 unanticipated projects this year that took up a lot of my time. Namely, Ixchel and Dolores. Ixchel was not only colorwork but also a yoke sweater – a garment construction with which I have a troubled history. Dolores was not difficult, but is proving to be a little bit time intensive keeping up with her wardrobe needs! I don’t grudge it, though. Fashion icons need to keep up with the trends 🙂

So qualified success on the goals for 2018! Here’s hoping for an equally good 2019!

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