Fading the Gray Away

By my own knitting project rotation schedule, I should have been working on my Schooner today. However, it was such a gray, overcast and colorless day outside that I decided on my Find Your Fade instead.

That’ll brighten things up!

I even managed to sneak in a couple of rows at lunch. My coworkers loved the colors – one could not stop petting it. It is understandable – the yarn is soft as well as super pretty! I just finished the transition over to French Toast, so it will be lavender all the way for the next while.

I have to admit I have been worried about how the lavender will fit in on this scheme. They all looked great together in skeins, but when they were wound into balls, French Toast was looking like the weak link. But now that I am working with it, it is knitting up just fine. There are lots of pink bits to tie it back to the VooDoo, and lots of blue sections to tie it to the next yarn. Whew!

What are you working on?

4 thoughts on “Fading the Gray Away

  1. It’s lovely!

    I am working on my Holiday Red Carbeth. I hope to finish it today! I probably won’t though, but I might finish the second sleeve today. Maybe it will be ready to wear on New Year’s Eve?!

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