Knit knit knit

I have been working away on my Schooner, but it all looks like a bit more of this…

So the same as before, just a bit more of it!

In other news – hope everyone who celebrates had a Merry Christmas? Ours was pretty nice. We got to sleep in (since we have no kids, and my Mom kindly got up to feed the cats, then went back to sleep). When we were all good and ready, we got up, had some coffee, and opened presents. Then we talked to my brother and SIL in Florida, which was nice as well. I spent most of the rest of the day goofing off – knitting and watching movies! I did do a little cooking and a little laundry and tidying, but not much.

How was yours? Details, please!

12 thoughts on “Knit knit knit

  1. I had a fairly quiet one – lots of cooking – a couple of rows of knitting only, before family arrived – then yesterday I had to undo one of the rows as I realised I’d done it wrong! Guess my head was somewhere else that morning.

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