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Bullet Journal Train

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I signed up for Kate Davies latest pattern club, which somehow or the other incorporates bullet journaling. Also, lately a lot of the knitting sights seem to be all about bullet journaling – Mason Dixon sells a journal and recently published several articles about it. Webs is selling at least one, and Jimmy Beans seems to have a bunch of them.

So since I am somehow getting involved in this, I decided to look into what bullet journaling actually is, other than journaling, that somehow involves bullets. When you search online, you get a lot of semi-confusing results that look more like the more elaborate end of scrapbooking. But that is not the heart of bullet journaling.

As it turns out, you can get a crazy as you like with coloring pens and pencils and stencils and washi tape. But bullet journaling itself is a pretty straightforward and useful looking organization method. The primary resource is at, which is home base for the inventor and owner of the bullet journal method and concept. The interested should check out the introductory video on Bullet Journal Method homepage, which explains this pretty concisely and well. I actually bought the book and read it through, because I wanted all the details, which are not on the site, though it looks to be like you can certainly be up and running with just the basics. A lot of people seem to just watch the video and go!

My current notebook system looks like this…

I keep 2 or 3 Field Notes notebooks in my purse (it’s not that bad – they are smallish). Right now I keep one for work, one for knitting, and one for life/home/general stuff. As a bit of a notebook/paper/pen junky, I am in love with Field Notes, so I ‘may’ have been inventing a need for several notebooks at one. Also, DH and I have an annual subscription for quarterly Field Notes shipments, so they do build up kind of fast. Also they are cool!

Anyway, within my notebooks, my notes and lists don’t look all that far off from bullet journaling.

Though my method could certainly stand some refinement. A way to find notes after a little time has passed, for example. With bullet journaling does! So this is seeming interesting and like it might be a help. We shall see.

Do you do bullet – or any other form – of journaling? What is your organization system? Inquiring minds want to know!

8 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Train

  1. I used to keep a sketchbook for knitting, and I currently have a mindfulness planner. I don’t do very many of the mindfulness exercises, but I do carry ideas and projects over from week to week. So when I watched the bullet journal video, it seemed like a good fit. Do you have your journal from KDD yet? I haven’t received mine, although I got a dispatch notice.

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  2. I have been reading about bullet journaling. I don’t do it now, but I may begin in 2019. I do keep a bulleted list of thoughts, ideas, quotes, etc. that I think I may write a post about, but I do that on the computer.

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