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Merry Stitchmas

I’m really wresting with whether or not to knit gifts for some of my coworkers.  It goes without saying that my knitworthy friend Nora is getting something or the other.  Maybe a cowl, maybe a phone cozy – I don’t really know yet.  But something.  

It’s late November, so I have to decide quick.There are three, possibly four other people in my department, and if I am knitting for one of them, I will need to knit for all. If I do, it will almost certainly be a hat or cowl or similar, and almost certainly bulky weight yarn.  

But, even still, that’s a lot of knitting.  

So I have no idea which way this is going to go.  We shall see!  How about you? Have any gift knitting in your immediate future?  

4 thoughts on “Merry Stitchmas

  1. I do not knit gifts for the holidays. It’s too much pressure at an already stressful time. I will gift a knit for a birthday or birth of a baby or for writing college recommendation letters. But the ones I like best are the ones I give for no reason at all:)
    Good luck with whatever you decide!

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  2. I always do hats for my great-nieces/nephews. Maybe I should start thinking about their hats in July, not November!!! And my daughter has requested felted slippers for her and her beau, but they might not get done by Christmas.

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