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Christmas for Crafters 2: Tool Time

In addition to yarn ( or fabric, for quilters and other sewers), crafters need tools.  Lots of tools.  

For knitters and crocheters, needles and hooks are the obvious ones.  Your crafter may well have some needles and hooks, but I bet they don’t have “enough”.  There are all kinds of fancy needles and hooks – hand forged or carved or machined. Even of just plain non-fancy needles and hooks, there are all kinds of materials they can be made of, and all kinds of configurations.  I don’t know about crochet hooks here, but knitting needles can be straights, double points or circulars.  Circulars can be either fixed or in interchangeable sets.  

Chances are that your crafter would like some kind of needle or hook that they don’t already have.  As I mentioned in an earlier post on this topic, if you are a crafter buying for another crafter, you very likely have an idea what your crafter would like.  For non-crafters, you may need to be a little sneaky in finding this out.  Have you noticed them putting needles together out of a kit, which they complain about a lot?  They might like a new set of interchangeables. Or you can always ask!  

With a lot of tools comes the need to organize.  There are all kinds of options for this, from boxes to fabric wraps to notebook cases.  Again, your options range from very fancy indeed to plain and utilitarian.  

Crafters – what’s on your crafty wishlist?  

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