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Getting Organized – Again

 I got a fair amount done today – chores, laundry, a little exercise, some good progress on both Ixchel and tuck stitch cowl #2.  But I think the biggest accomplishment today was re-re-re-re organizing my knitting supplies. All the re’s are there because I have a habit of tidying up and then letting everything descend back into chaos until I build up the gumption to organize yet again.  

So here’s where I started today…

And this is only the main concentration.  My camera doesn’t have a wide enough lens to show all of it.  There were stray skeins of yarn on the bed and in about half of those bags you see on the floor. Knitting needles and tools and patterns and skein labels in every bag and in little piles on the desk. The vacuum isn’t part of it, but it was another thing that needed putting away.  

So I spent a good couple of hours organizing and tidying and putting everything away, and wound up with this…

I can see the floor! All the stray skeins and project bags are put away. My project notebooks got a badly needed reorganization as well.   The two bags still on the floor were moved out to the active project bin in the living room right after I took this.  Not perfect, but definitely better!

Hope your Sunday left you with a sense of accomplishment and a bit of peace as well 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting Organized – Again

    1. The bookcase in the picture is my DH’s WW II books. I have one like it that is not in the pics that is about half full of knitting books and patterns and magazines. Probably too many, considering there’s Ravelry 🙂


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