Tuck Stitch Sampler Cowl #2

In between working on Ixchel, I started another cowl that is a sort of practice sampler from my Tuck Stitches class.  This one is in the Stockinette Tuck Stitch B pattern (I think).  The resulting pattern looks like interlocking bubble strings.  It looks like colorwork, but it really isn’t.  It’s stripes, but with tuck stitches making it look like colorwork.

Here is the front side:


And here is the back


On the back you can see the clever trickery a little bit better, but either way it is pretty nifty!  (I hasten to say I did not make this stitch pattern up.  The cleverness is not mine – I’m just appreciating it.)

The yarn is the other half of the skeins from the other tuck stitch cowl – a Freia red-to-purple gradient and charcoal from ATHWY.

How is your latest project going?


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