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Progress, Though None of it Photogenic

Well, this was a pretty good weekend as far as making progress on my various projects. I am so close to done with sleeve #1 on Ixchel!  We found the newest season of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix, so we have been binge-watching and I have been knitting away. Just the ribbing to do, then I am onto sleeve #2.  Then I may need to fiddle with the body ribbing, or maybe not – we shall see.

I got two more repeats of the second tuck stitch cowl done, so that is shaping up nicely. We went out for breakfast and a couple of errands on Saturday, so I took that along and made some good progress.

And I got about half of another swatch toward my next Custom Fit pattern done.   For some reason I was just too all over the place to buckle down and just do one thing.  Oh well, it is all progress!

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