Glenesk is done!

Finally, it is done!  Completely finished and done!


I was hoping for a scenic photoshoot this weekend, but that didn’t quite happen.  It’s hot and raining and we had a kind of a busy one.  Maybe at some point when it is cooler I will be someplace scenic with it on and get a nice picture.  Maybe not. But anyway – done!

I just got the last of the finishing done today.  My mom very kindly sewed some buttonholes in some grosgrain ribbon to help stabilize the buttonhole band.  I got that sewn in, and also did the finishing on the button band side as well.


Found some very nice buttons at JoAnne’s that go very well with the pattern.


I would have preferred to find some that were a hair smaller, as they are somewhat tight going through the buttonholes, but overall I am happy with them.

So.  There’s the big project for this year done!  There are other complicated sweater kits in the stash, but those are for another year.  Next up are finishing Dolores, shark socks, and a simpler (MUCH simpler) cardigan.  I’m glad I did this one, but I’m glad to be done!



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