The Fabulous Ms. D!


Dolores is started!

After a typically (for her) contentious beginning, the Dolores kits have begun to make their way around the globe, and the fun has begun! I’m only just started making the doll, but so far it’s going pretty well.  The KAL has also been going along pretty well, and so far everyone is being pretty positive and fun, so that’s a relief.  I have been involved in some knitalongs that got pretty negative and hostile, so very glad this one is pretty lighthearted.

There is so much going on with this goofy sheep doll – I’m excited to have her coming into my life! The doll kit (shown above) comes with her little sunglasses, and includes materials and directions to make a cute little shawl and pillbox hat as well as the doll.  And there are more outfits to come!  I already ordered the Rhinebeck outfit Amy Herzog designed for her, which comes with a little umbrella.  And Franklin also posted a picture of her September outfit, which involves a blue and yellow striped turban and caftan.  I can see that she will quickly have a much better wardrobe than I do!  But I can’t grudge it – she’s pretty fabulous 🙂

For anyone not familiar with Dolores, here is the start of her story. She is a friend and confidant of Franklin Habit, who designed the doll version of her now available from Webs.  Dolores has Facebook and Twitter accounts left over from a previous presidential run, so you can follow her on pretty much all the social media – though I should warn you she gets a little salty.  If you are of a sensitive nature, probably best to appreciate her sassiness from afar.

I’m sure there will be more Dolores stories as she takes shape!

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