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2018 Knitting Goals – Progress Report

Around the beginning of this year, having learned my lesson somewhat from last year, I set myself a series of challenges as my knitting goals for 2018.  Now that we are a month past the halfway mark, how am I doing?

Goal 1 – Do at least one of my big colorwork kits.

Done, except for a little finishing work.

Goal 2 – At least one other cardigan, specifics to be named later.

Not yet.  I have plans for one or two that I actually have yarn for, neither of which is that complicated, so there is hope for this one still.

Goal 3 – 6 pairs of socks

Not yet.  I do have two pairs done, and feel like four more pairs is not unreasonable for the next 5 months.  It has crossed my mind that I did do three pairs of slippers, which are kind of like socks if you squint…  But I’m not ready to give up on this one yet!

Goal 4 – 6 other small items (hats, scarves, etc).

Yes indeed!  By my Ravelry projects, page, I’ve got 8 small items done already this year, and another one in the works as I type this.  Probably a few more things will happen in this category as well.

Stretch Goal 1 – 1 gansey or 2 tank tops or shells.  

Nope.  It’s a possibility, but not a strong one at this point.  We shall see!

Stretch Goal 2 – finish design on two items I have halfway designed and write and publish directions.  

No.  Have done some work on this, but nowhere near finished at this point.

Stretch Goal 3 – Learn brioche and 1 or 2 other techniques.

Yes!  I did learn brioche, as well as double knitting, Latvian braid, thrumming, and felting. (Though I don’t know if that last one counts.  Still – it’s something I hadn’t done on purpose before, so I’m calling it a win!)

So to sum up – the hard part here is done. Glenesk was a beast, but it is mostly done at this point. The ends are even woven in – just have to sew ribbon backing to the button band and attach the buttons, and I’m there.  To meet these goals, I need to do 1 cardigan and 4 pairs of socks – pretty doable!

Do you have any goals for your knitting (or really anything else?)  How are they coming along?

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