Doodly Doo

After the concentrated push to get finished with Glenesk, I took yesterday and today to just noodle around with a couple of projects.

I got back into the swing of my Call of the Siren, and made some halfway decent progress.


I have a little more of this texture section to go, then another double knitting section.  Then some wave action in the form of short rows, then done!  So I’m on Clue 3 of 5, but because of the increasing stitch count, I’m going to call that around halfway.

Next, I organized my supplies and did my swatches for two upcoming projects…


The bigger square is for Delores . For anyone interested, Franklin Habit will be leading a KAL starting in early August.  Also, Amy Herzog has designed Delores’ first outfit – a Rhinebeck outfit, which is coming with a little umbrella! If you are interested in the KAL, there is more info about it here on his Ravelry group.

The smaller one is for this year’s Shark Week socks!  After looking at the pattern, I am going to change almost every thing about it.  It is a top-down pattern, which is not my favorite sock knitting method. I just don’t get a great fit that way.  So I’m making them toe up.  I’m basically going to do my plain vanilla sock pattern, with the shark pattern on the leg like it is in the original. Also I’m using the contrasting color for the toes, heels and top band, like in the original.  So it will look the same, but have a completely different construction.

Other than that, my Mom is coming back up from Florida to stay with us for the next six months or so – very excited about that!  So there was some laundry and cleaning and supply-getting to be done.  She will get here tonight – so tomorrow I’m taking the day off so we can spend some time visiting.

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