Progress Report – Sirens and Entrelac

I have a bit of progress to report on both the Call of the Sirens and the entrelac kerchief, so that’s exciting.  Glad to be moving forward!


On Call of the Sirens, I got back to the point where I made the decision to rip back and then went into clue 2 with no problems.  As you can see from the photo, I still have a little bit of a transition to the next color set, but it is within the last repeat from clue 1, so I think that is OK.  The fabric I am getting with the needle a size down from where I started is fine, so I think that was the right way to go, even though I would rather have just kept on going.  But enough moaning – onward and upward!  I’m now into the double knitting portion, and it is going fine.

The entrelac shawl/kerchief is also moving along…


I’m so enjoying watching the colors revealing themselves – really loving this yarn 🙂

Yesterday and today I’m back to working on the Glenesk, so progress report coming up on that soon.  Other than that, next week I’m off on a work trip to Seattle.  I won’t have any time for souvenir yarn shopping, but I hope to have some down time for knitting in the evenings.  So my next puzzle is what to bring along with me.  All of my current projects are either too complicated or too valuable – emotionally or financially – to bring along.  So what to work on?  I have some little kits I bought at the MatSu fiber festival last year, and also some other little projects that might work.  I’ll report back later!

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