The Knit Aquatic

Tonight I watched The Shape of Water while re-knitting my Call of the Siren, so now I am feeling very aquatic and weird 🙂


Edgar and Lazlo assisted, as you can see here.

The Shape of Water, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a modern retelling of the Revenge of the Creature, which is a sequel to the Creature from the Black Lagoon.   It is set during the Cold War, and features some super-weird romance, the military-industrial complex, and a mute woman as the main character.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, as it managed to be pretty nuanced and surprising for a “monster” movie.  I’m not going to give away the plot, because there are twists and turns galore, and it really is an amazing movie.  A warning though – there is some graphic sex, some weird graphic sex, a fair amount of violence and some pretty rough swearing.  So if you have sensitivities, this will not be the movie for you.  But if you don’t care about those things, then you may want to give it a whirl. Counterbalancing the weirdness, it does manage to make some interesting points about gender and race equality, and about the value of decency and kindness.  I will be honest, it got a little hard to watch at points for me, but the story was so interesting I persevered, and I’m glad I did.

In any case, the knitting is progressing along pretty well!  I’m back to almost finished with clue 1 again, and it looks like this time the color progression is a bit more in line with where it should be.


I may continue on this theme with some more nautical and/or mermaid-related movies!  DH will be out for a bit tomorrow night, so that may be my chance to re-watch the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  Or maybe Mermaids.  Anything goes!  Got any movie suggestions?

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