General blather

Work Trip

I’m on a trip for work right now, so not getting a lot of knitting done, and none at all on my regularly scheduled projects.  There is a pretty nice pool at the hotel where I am staying, so it’s a little bit of a pity I didn’t bring Call of the Siren, as I have such an appropriate knitting venue 🙂

What I did bring with me was two project kits I bought last summer at the MatSu fiber festivals I went to.  IMG_20170722_152416_242

The kits are from Calypso Farms and are for a cowl and a hat made from bulky homespun and art yarns.  So far I got the cowl made and got the yarn wound into balls for the hat last night.  I’m kind of hoping to get the hat made as well by the time I get home Thursday but we shall see.  No pictures at this point, because I don’t have my decent camera with me, but by the weekend I should have pics.

Hoping your week and your projects are all going along beautifully!

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