Body of Work

Finally done with the body of my Glenesk! Excuse the horrible picture – waited until it was dark out and had to use weird indoor lighting.  Better pictures to come!


I just finished the body today.  The last step was to do a three needle bind-off for the shoulders.  Done and done!

Then came the next nerve-wracking moment – checking for length.  I have been convinced that it was too long – not a little, a LOT – too long for a while now.  However, when I started thinking that, I was on the part that had the steek stitches for the sleeves, so couldn’t really do anything at that point. At that point I just had to finish the upper torso area and see how it went.  However, when I stood up and checked the length, it was not bad.  It’s maybe an inch or two longer than I might prefer, but not the several inches I was afraid it was.  Which just goes to show, when you are checking for body length of garments, you should probably be standing up to get an accurate idea.

Next nerve-wracking step on this project – cutting the side steeks and knitting the arms!  What did you do on this lovely Memorial Day weekend?

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