Call of the Siren MKAL

Voila!*  The latest in the cryptid knitalong series – Call of the Siren –  has arrived!

Last Friday the adventure began with the first clue.  The yarn had just arrived that day after an extended tour of the greater Chicago area.  (The dyers, Lattes & Llamas, live near Philadelphia and I live in Anchorage Alaska.  Why the stop in Chicago, I don’t know.  I do know I was checking the USPS site 7 or 8 times an hour, saying out loud “Anchorage.  Put it on a plane to Anchorage.  Anchorage Alaska!” As though the routing people in Chicago could hear me or something.)

Anyway.  As of last Friday, here is how the project looked…

DSC08784 Here are the brand new yarn cakes in their nifty mermaid themed yarn bras, along with the starfish stitch markers that came in the kit 🙂  As you can see, I swatched – a little bit anyway, and am pretty sure I will have gauge where it matters and can do the texture stitch for the first part of the shawl.

And here is what I have gotten up to today…


4 more repeats of the pattern stripes to go!  Clue 2 gets sent out on Friday, so I’m aiming to be ready for the next step at that point.

The organizers are really going all out on this one – they are posting chapters in a story along with each knitting clue to add to the fun 🙂 It looks like the yarns are going to work together really well, and so far it’s an enjoyable knit!


8 thoughts on “Call of the Siren MKAL

  1. Yarn is pretty and I understand trying to be diplomatic (not!) to shippers who can’t hear you. There are days when my package is on the truck. Days. I’m yelling “truck to where?” It comes in it’s own time.

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    1. It’s like I think there’s a guy at another terminal, who can somehow hear me, sitting there looking at my package and wondering where it’s going 🙂 And I know it’s goofy, but I cannot seem to stop myself!

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