Calm Waters at Loch Ness

It was a crazy week, but I did get about halfway done with the second Nessie sock


No Nessie sightings for this clue, but there are two children of Nessie on the foot of this sock.  Next week they should start to show up!

I have been on a real odyssey of knitting needles for this project.  Since they are worked one at a time, I decided to pass on the 2 circulars I would usually use.  So I started out with a set of Karbonz double points, but the ones I got were too long (I think 8 inchers), so awkward to knit with.  Then I tried the bamboo ones you see here, but I don’t particularly like knitting with bamboo or wood, so I bought some of those Addi Flexi-Flips, which were really tough on my hands.  The area you have to grip is pretty small, so you wind up with an unnatural grip.  I can see where they would have some uses, but I don’t think these are going to be my go-to needles. Bamboo wound up being the least aggravating option, so there we are.  I may try rubbing them with wax paper in an attempt to speed them up a bit, but we’ll see.

In yet more cryptid news, Lattes & Llamas have announced the next cryptid knit-along, Call of the Siren!  This one will be a shawl that will involve double knitting and mosaic knitting and will feature a mermaid 🙂  So naturally, my order is in!

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