Murder on the Glenesk Express

In general, my family are murder mystery people.  Not gory, graphic murder, because that is not relaxing. When we need some light reading, it’s off to the cozy murder shelf we go. Sci-fi and a few other genres are also good, but mysteries are always our favorite.

So because we all needed to relax this weekend and not think too much, Mom and DH and I did an impromptu Poirot marathon.  Our Poirot marathon consisted of three versions of the same story – Murder on the Orient Express!  First we watched the new one with Kenneth Brannaugh.  It was meh – not terrible, but not great either.  So then we found the 1974 version on Amazon and watched that – it was really not great. I knew there had to have been a David Suchet version, and as far as we are concerned, he is the go-to guy for Poirot.  I did some poking around on Amazon, and sure enough – there was a version from the show. So we watched that last, and all agreed that was the best version.  So once again, as far as Poirot stories, go Suchet or go home!

Oh, and I got a little knitting done in the meantime 😉


How about you – watch anything good this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Murder on the Glenesk Express

  1. I spy very little markers, hmmmm they look like they won’t get in the way of a stitch. Now off to ebay! Oh and glad you watched the ‘best’ last x

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    1. Me too! Best for last 🙂
      Yes, I am using jump rings as markers – they don’t get in the way or weigh down the knitting so much 🙂 I found mine in the jewelry supply section of Michael’s, and have seen them in other craft shops as well.


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