Twinkling Along


45 repeats done – 7 more to go!

In other news, our Poirot-a-thon continues.  I found out that you can add on a subscription to Acorn TV to an Amazon account, which lets you watch pretty much all the British murder mysteries you could possibly ever want.

We decided to just start at random, so we are working our way through season 11, from 2008.  As a point of interest, this series is absolutely rife with fabulous vintage style sweaters, so there’s that.  I think with a little determination and some Agatha Christie, I may just finish this project!


2 thoughts on “Twinkling Along

  1. I like a series-a-thon! Hope your Poirot is David Suchet. I recently tried to watch the new Murder on the Orient Express film with Kenneth Branagh – in my opinion, a disaster of a movie. It’s David Suchet all the way for me!

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    1. Yes, definitely David Suchet. I completely agree about the new Murder on the Orient Express. We actually watched that this past weekend, and that’s what got us watching the good Poirots!


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