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How Long Can This Go On?

I’m at that phase with Twinkle


where I am heartily sick of knitting it, and starting to get dramatic about it.  To shortcut myself a little bit as well as to find out literally how long this will go on, I resorted to math.


A quick back of the pattern calculation tells me I have about 15 more hours to go on this nonsense, not counting blocking and so on.

Specifically, I weighed what is left of my gradient yarn (the limiting factor), and found that I still have 30 grams left of a hundred gram ball.  Then I counted the pattern repeats that have been done so far, which was 37. So…

37 repeats/70 grams of yarn = x total repeats/100 grams of yarn gives me 52 total repeats that my available yarn will make. (It’s actually 52 and a bit – 52.857 – but I am rounding down here. ) Subtracting out the 37 repeats already done,  I have 15 repeats left.  Each repeat consists of 4 garter stitch rows in gradient, the 2 rows that make the aqua stars, then another 4 rows of garter stitch, then the 2 rows that make the pink stars.  Earlier on in the process, I clocked myself as taking around an hour to do one repeat, assuming I don’t get bored and start fiddling with my phone or fall asleep.  So there you have it.  If I really focus, that’s maybe a week of weekdays counting lunches and evening as usually available.  That’s not so bad!  I can do that!

This may well be the first time in my life that math has removed my despair, rather than causing it 🙂

7 thoughts on “How Long Can This Go On?

  1. great idea! I often get to that point in a project (I’m there now with my “crochet between the lines” shawl. I’ve never thought of maths to get me through!! I’m going to use this! good luck with finishing. it looks so pretty it will certainly be worth it! 😊😊

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