Thrumming? What Now?

In my previous post, I mentioned thrumming, without going much into what exactly that means.  Basically, thrumming is a means of padding or thickening knitting by knitting little puffs of fleece into the fabric you are creating.  The advantage to this is that it creates an extra layer of insulation.  As the wearer uses the thrummed item, the fleece sort of felts a bit inside, make it even warmer over time.

I just finished the mittens I mentioned in my last post – so here they are. The thick pink and yellow stitches you see are the knitted in fleece. Some patterns use the thrumming to make designs on the outside, as these do, others it’s just in a kind of random pattern.


You can see they are a bit thicker than an ordinary mitten would be – and here’s why..


I know it looks like the mitten is in motion, but really the fleece is just very poufy and all over the place in there.  They are so soft and cushy, and really really warm.  Just the thing for an Alaskan winter!

9 thoughts on “Thrumming? What Now?

  1. I like the word ‘Thrumming’ makes me smile like ‘Frogging’; Though the act of thrumming is 10x more enjoyable than frogging. – These mittens are gorgeous! Are they from one of the books you recommended?

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    1. I only cut the fiber chunk in half to make sure I had enough for each mitten. After that I pulled little chunks out. I tried for a little more than the thickness of the yarn I was using and about as long as my pointer finger to the second knuckle. My tufts were pretty irregular, and I was definitely squeaking it out at the end. But it seems to have worked out ok 🙂

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