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Too Sick to Knit

I’m going to start off this post with a note: All that’s going on is a pretty bad cold.  I get sick very infrequently, so when I do get sick, I tend to get overly dramatic about it.

Yesterday and today, I am home sick from work.   Woo hoo!, you might say.  Knitting time!  But really not.  I am actually too sick to knit.  I didn’t know that was even a thing, but as it turns out, it is. Frankly I am so tired and easily confused right now that I actually can not knit.

In my pre-cold/flu/plague plan for this week, I was going to get started on my Glenesk, while continuing to make progress on my Twinkle.  What actually wound up happening is neither of those things.  I kind of knew yesterday when the solitaire game on my phone was too confusing to play that I wasn’t going to get anything useful done.

So I don’t have a picture of my Glenesk test patch.  The best I could possibly do right now is a picture of the shipping box with the Glenesk kit inside it, sitting on my bed surrounded by used tissues.  But that would be gross, and also I can’t make the camera work.

Hopefully a more interesting post with some progress to report in a few days.  Stay healthy!

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