Frogging, Thrumming, and Dithering

I’ve had a little bit of activity this past weekend.  First I finished a pair of slippers for my Mom, which she is happy with and consequently so am I 🙂

Then a little bit of reality intruded on my grand plans.  Remember the Princess Line sweater of last year fame?  That I started out so cocky and then foundered on the rocks of a really boring-to-knit pattern? dsc07944

Off to the frog pond it went.  My Mom kindly volunteered to rip it for me, which was a big help.  I have a lot of trouble admitting defeat, and have spent roughly a year trying to talk myself into picking it back up, or changing it to a cardigan or something.  Nothing doing – couldn’t face it.  However, the yarn kit translates very nicely to another pattern I’ve had my eye on in a book I have reviewed here earlier, Knits from the Heart of Norway. There are three skeins of yarn different, which I have already ordered.

Next, a friend sent me a thrumming kit for some nifty mittens, which are moving along quite nicely!  I had never done thrumming before, so it’s kind of interesting.  But it’s very easy – just tucking bits of fleece in with some of the stitches.  So not a hard technique – and it makes a for a very cushy mitten!


And then the dithering.  I got a little more done on my Twinkle, but probably not as much as I should have.  I’m thinking I will take it into work for my lunchtime crafting.  Also, there is a work trip coming up in a few weeks – that might be a good time to really get cracking on it! Despite having so much going already, I also wound my yarn for Glenesk.  I’ve had the kit for so long and meant to get it done last year – this year I really need to get it done and get a move on!  So I’m starting it, but very, very gradually.

While quite a bit of movement has happened this week, some of it was backwards, and some of it was sideways.  But a little bit was forward!  And that’s what I’m hanging on to.

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