Felting – On Purpose

Many knitters are introduced to the concept of felting via a laundry mishap followed by tears and recriminations.  I took a class – less stress 🙂

I just finished a class at my LYS, Far North Yarn Company, on making felted slippers.  You may be familiar with the pattern.  As of the time I am writing this, 12,492 versions of these slippers have been made (per Ravelry).

The pattern itself, though it feels like maybe it’s a little more complicated than it needs to be, doesn’t have any techniques I was not familiar with.  Short rows, yarn held double, wrap and turns, and three-needle bind-off.  (Though the instructor did show me the long-tail cast on, which I had not used before, so that was cool!)  However, I’m glad I took the class, because the teacher walked us through some of the areas where there was a potential to get hung up . For one thing, the proportions of these things before they were shrunk down were ridiculous.  Seriously.  They are, like, clown shoe big.  


Sure, you may be thinking.  Those look a little big.  But clown shoe big?  No.

Here is my foot added for scale. Bear in mind I do not have small feet.  US women’s size 10, for the curious.


Clown shoe! 

But fortunately, the instructor had one similar in proportion along for the first class and whapped it out on the table.  We all marveled at it, and I bet I’m not the only one who secretly thought she was putting us on a little bit.  As it turned out, no she was not. So at least I kind of expected this.  If I hadn’t seen that, the whole time I would have been thinking “This can’t be right.  Can this be right? No.” and I would have ripped back a dozen times.

Anyway, once the knitting and construction were complete, it was time for the plunge.  I threw them in the washer by themselves, set it for hot wash, heavy soil (for extra agitation), and pushed the button.  Then I watched some Great Courses and tried not to worry that I had wasted all that time and yarn while I waited for the wash to be done.

Finally it was done and I pulled them on my feet immediately, as per instructions.  (Yes, they were still a little wet, but you put them on right away so they will fit your feet exactly.) And wow!  They really do fit perfectly!

They are very soft and cushy,and really feel incredibly comfortable.  So now I have a pair on the needles for my Mom with some leftover yarn I had, and have some yarn on order for my DH.  Slippers all around!

Have you done any felting – on purpose or otherwise?


9 thoughts on “Felting – On Purpose

  1. Oh, yes, I have felted and it was not intentional. I made a sleeveless sweater with no less than 4 new-to-me techniques to learn. I was so proud. After felting it, I cried then stored it in the attic (I don’t know why, exactly) before chucking it. I was traumatized for months!

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