Weekend WIPs

Since my brief fling with big, thick yarn, I am back in the weeds of fingering weight again. I have two things going, because apparently I am insane.  First up – socks! There’s no really pattern on this one, I’m just doing more soxual experimentation.


These are kind of pink for me, but what the heck – they are for Valentine’s day.  For anyone curious about the details, the yarn is Gnome Acres House Gnome yarn in I Lurve Ewe colorway. (I bought it several years ago, and am just now getting around to knitting it up – oy!) The rest of the “recipe” is here on my Ravelry project page.

The other project is Twinkle


The color on the left is more of an aqua than the green it looks like here.  Anyway, this is, or will be, a scarf with a nifty, retro star motif.  I am using the aqua and pink for the stars, and the white-to-black gradient (which is on silver sparkle yarn!) will be sort of the background.  The stars are made using stacked decreases and increases rather than fusion.  So it looks hard, but it’s pretty straightforward.  The picture above is where I started – here’s what I have gotten to now…

It comes off the needles pretty squinched up, and  definitely will need some pretty stringent blocking when I am done with the knitting part of it.

So that’s what I am up to now.  There are so many project I can’t wait to get going on, but all will happen in good time.  Got to get knitting!

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