Hooray for Super Bulky!

2018 is off to a pretty productive start! Last Sunday, I sat down to watch a Craftsy class and made this…


The pattern is Ribby Slouchy Beanie, and it is free on Knit Collage’s website.  The yarn is Daisy Chain by Knit Collage, which is why the little daisies are on there.  That is not a thing I would have added on my own, but they are definitely cute!  As you can probably tell from the picture, it is a thick/thin yarn with a lot of inclusions – in addition to the daisies, there is also some sparkle yarn and some manufactured lace spun in there.  If you want a festive looking hat with not a lot of effort, I can definitely recommend this yarn and this pattern.  The yarn is not cheap, but it sure is pretty!

Then over the next couple of days, I banged this out on my lunch breaks at work…


It is the Simple Rules Cowl, also a free pattern, and also specifically to use with this yarn, which is Universal’s Bamboo Bloom, another thick/thin yarn.  I don’t want to wreck the surprise for anyone, but basically, you knit with the thin parts of the yarn and purl with the thick parts.  Presto!  A cowl!

Whew! It was nice to knit something with big yarn and big needles for a little change.  Now I’m back to fingering weight again for a little while.  What’s next?  A little more soxual experimentation and this . More about those in a few days.

What’s on your needles?

6 thoughts on “Hooray for Super Bulky!

  1. I’m trying to tweak a new hat pattern I wrote so that I don’t have many(any?) issues when it goes into test knitting. I want to get it published because it is going to be offered for free when the yarn it was designed with is purchased. I also still need to finish my dad’s socks but can’t see the black yarn until I get my new glasses. Then mittens and a scarf. (Xmas gifts. oops.)

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